A Billion Good Deeds

A Billion Good Deeds

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A Billion Good Deeds

Actually… 1,073,741,824 Good Deeds

That’s 1 Billion, 73 Million, 741 Thousand, 824 acts of kindness!

If you had one penny and were able to double it each day for 31 days what would happen?

The second day it would become 2 cents, on the third day 4 cents, the fifth day 8 cents and so on.

In just 31 days it becomes 1,073,741,824 pennies. Take a calculator and try it, one penny doubled each day for 31 days becomes this enormous quantity of pennies.

What if we did this with good deeds?

In 31 days your single good deed, doubled each day by other people, becomes a total of 1 billion, 73 million, 741 thousand, 824 acts of kindness.

When someone tells you, “Thank-you,” simply ask them to help you pass it forward by doing something nice for 2 more people.

Here is why this works…

Do a small favor for someone, they will feel obligated to return the favor. Pay for a friend’s lunch and the next time they will feel obligated to buy your lunch. Hold the door for someone and they will feel obligated to hold the next door for you. Give a friend a gift and they will have an obligation to do something nice for you. It’s called reciprocation.

Instead of letting the other person feel obligated, you simply ask that person to do a small favor (a good deed) for 2 more people? Any two people. Anytime.

Your one good deed becomes two more small acts of kindness?

And ask them to have those two people reciprocate by each doing two more favors for others… and so on… be it for friends or for strangers.

With just a tiny favor to someone, you can start a major positive change in the world.

Here is the wording you use after they say, “Thank-you.”

“You’re welcome. Will you help pass it on by doing something helpful for two more people, and ask each of them to pass it on by doing something nice for two more people? One small act of kindness doubled every day becomes more than a billion good deed in 31 days.”

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