About Fear of Asking For The Sale

Fear is what causes the act of asking for the sale to be so difficult for some people. It can be fear of rejection, in which case the salesperson feels he/she is personally being rejected if the prospect say, “No.” With a “No” response the prospect is really saying “I don’t yet see a reason to part with my money. Tell me more.” The “No” has nothing to do with personal rejection.

Another fear is a fear of being perceived as pushy. The salesperson who is afraid to ask for the sale is thinking of a time (or times) when a particularly bad salesperson has tried to badger him/her into purchasing. The sales person afraid to ask for the sale wants to be liked, and thought well of by the prospect, and fears being rejected because of being too pushy.

There is a book called The Flinch written by Julien Smith. Flinching is what people do when suddenly frightened by an object moving towards their eyes. Prizefighters, be they boxers or Mixed Martial Arts fighters must learn not to flinch when a punch or a kick is coming at them. In order to block the blow, they must keep their eyes open and block.

A flinch in real life is what happens when one procrastinates and doesn’t take action because of fear. The Flinch book gives readers several exercises to help its readers overcome everyday fears that get in the way. It is an excellent book.

The Flinch is only available as an Amazon Kindle book. One does not need to own a Kindle reader device to read it, because Amazon gives away a free Kindle Reader software for smart phones, tablets, and computers.



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