How To Us QR Codes – The Mobile Phone Barcode

How To Us QR Codes – The Mobile Phone Barcode

A QR code is that small square with a bazillion dots printed in it, that when someone points a smart phone at it, it gives that person a message from you.

I’m going to take a couple minutes to talk about them here, because QR codes are another means for your client to capture customer contact information.

The process was invented almost 20 years ago as another type of barcode, but because of a proliferation of smart phones, today every business needs to know how to use this, and that is where you enter the picture.

A QR code generator will create QR code for you with any message you wish.

The interesting part is a QR code can be made to make a smart phone send its texting phone number to you, and you can maintain contact with the person who “looked” at your QR code.

You put a QR code by your cash register,

…on your business card,

…on all advertising materials,

…on your Website – virtually anywhere

…your clients can put them in all their advertising with a promise of some reward to customers for looking at it with their smart phone.

Your client might wonder why he or she needs a QR code in an advertisement when your client can just list the URL of the website instead. Most customers will not be sitting in front of the computer when they see the advertisements, but with their smart phone they just pointed out the QR code and they are taken to whatever website your client wants them to be taken to. No computer needed.

A client who sells many products and list them in the advertising, for example an automobile dealer buying advertising space in the newspaper, and put a QR code next to the photo of each automobile. Potential customers can quickly receive more information about each one of the automobiles, because each automobile in the ad didn’t have its own QR code.

And almost obvious use of QR codes would be for a Realtor ® to use a QR code on the for sale sign in front of the home, and use the same QR code in any advertising about that home. Anyone clicking on the QR code with a smart phone can be taken to a webpage about that piece of real estate on which there is a virtual tour, specific details about the property, and perhaps even a video showing the property.

It can be confusing to a local business owner if you just start talking about QR codes because he or she may not know what they are, so you show one. Perhaps a better name for a QR code is call it a mobile barcode, a barcode for mobile phones.

QR codes give your clients better control of their marketing because you can make real-time changes for them, and/or show them how to make changes for themselves. Of course you know the role make a change, make a charge. QR codes have demonstrated higher sales conversion rates than other forms of advertising. The results are easily measurable, because the client sees what is working and can track it.

You can use mobile barcodes to enrich a customer’s experience because you can send them to see videos, demonstrations, coupons, special offers… the sky is the limit. And QR codes are highly targeted when a customer already inside your clients business, start reading these mobile barcodes on a smart phone.

A restaurant can put them on table tents, a Convenience Store can put one on each gasoline pump, any retail business can put a QR code on the bags they give to customers to hold merchandise. QR codes can be printed any size, and can even go in the window of your client’s business.

Curious customers will examine the QR code, receive whatever message you want them to receive at that moment, and have their texting phone number automatically registered on a texting list (called an SMS list) by a text message management company. It works a lot like the autoresponder lists.

You can send a text message to customers by simply sending your message to the text management company, and they send out your message to every customer.

You can use mobile barcodes to send your clients customers to a calendar of upcoming events, e-mail addresses, contact information, phone number, SMS, and for the most part, software to create these can be found online free. Problem, or challenge with some of the free QR code generators is they are quite limited in the types of QR codes they can produce.

There is an inexpensive software I use that you can purchase online. As I recall it’s under $50, and it will let you create mobile barcodes for almost any purpose, and use.

In the book I’ve put a link to a video and a purchase site for you. Yes this is an affiliate link, of course it is. If you purchase a software to pay the same price whether you buy through my link or not, so you might as well use the link. It is here… (Take a look. this is a fascinating 5 minute demo video.)

My favorite QR software.

This software actually functions on the software  creator’s website, and he gives you a series of fields to put in what you want hit the go button and you get a QR code as a JPEG you can download. You can even pick the size. And that image can be enlarged to almost any size in a graphic software like Photoshop, or free graphic software like, or GIMP. I do advise adding sharpening to the image if you enlarge it to fill a sign.

This QR generator program I am talking about can be made to send people to the URL of your choice, these can be direct links, direct checkout cart links, take viewers to your videos on YouTube, take viewers to a sales page or two a squeeze page. You won’t need to worry about having a long URL, because the smart phone user will be taken directly to the page without needing to type in a long URL.

This QR generator can be made to call a phone number of your choice, when a customer looks at the QR code. The client’s customer can then send an audio message. Likewise you can use it to send your clients customers to a pre-composed text message you use this to get them to subscribe to notification list.

It can be made to open the e-mail client) on a customer’s phone with whatever e-mail you want in the “to:” line. Also it can take customers to a virtual business card that contains all of your contact information, phone number, e-mail address, website address, and this can be automatically added to the customers smart phones address book.

You can also make it take people to a Google map showing the location of your clients business. So if they scan it from an advertisement, they can immediately see how to get to the business.

Yes, your clients customers will need an app for the cell phones that lets the cell phone read QR codes. They can find these online, there is a good one

If you purchase the QR code generator and recommend from…

My favorite QR software.

It comes with a very good e-book showing you how to create more profit for yourself using QR codes.

If you use a QR code to take people to your client’s website, your client will need to have a mobile ready site, which becomes another product or service you can sell.

To automate the capture of a phone number for texting, and automate the delivery of text messages you will set up a system for your clients that use what is essentially a texting autoresponder. It functions just like the messaging service in a or

Internet marketers Maria Gudelis and Tina Williams taught and excellent, over-the-top, social media course called the Ultimate Social Challenge. They cover the set up and use of this process in great detail in that course. They also teach off-line theirs selling to local brick-and-mortar clients a multiplicity of ways to create new products and services to sell to the clients.

The course started out to be a series of 10 webinars, one each day, about an hour and a half each. Of course some days the webinars continued for 2 or 2 1/2 hours. And then they extended the course and additional five or six days. It’s about 25 hours a webinars.

Yes, there is a lot of chit chat going on during the webinars, but the information and the multiple ways you can “make a change, make a charge” they teach seems almost endless.

The entire course is still available, and again here is my affiliate link. If you’re going to buy it the cost will be the same whether you use my link or not, and the prices under hundred dollars. They were able to produce this course inexpensively because they had so many enormous up sells during the course, up sells at special prices available only during the course, they were able to make their money with these. The link is here…

Everything You Must Know To Be A Social Media Maven

What you can do with QR codes can be the subject of an entire course, and I included it here because it is simply another way to communicate with your local customers.

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